With nearly 100 years of combined real estate investing experience; our team has been party to 9 figures in real estate transactions between Canada and the US.


We know what it takes to execute and create value.



Marcin started investing in real estate in 2006 in Canada and has since sourced 9-figures in private capital that has helped acquire over 1,500 units primarily across the US.

As the market began to show signs of life after the 2008/2009 crash, Marcin and his team raised an 8-figure fund and invested in commercial properties in the US. Marcin has continued to seek out opportunities and invest throughout the US ever since.

Today, Marcin and his team are focused on acquiring value-add multifamily properties throughout the Southern US.

When he’s not on the lookout for opportunities, Marcin is teaching up and coming real estate investors how to scale their real estate business.

Outside of the firm, Marcin’s focus is on family, being a dad, cycling & picking up & putting down heavy things at the gym.

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Zorya Belanger is the co-founder of BREI Properties with nearly $10M in Assets Under Management, across 35 units. She started buying real estate with her husband in 2010, with the last 5 years focusing on cash-flowing multifamily properties in affordable and landlord-friendly locations.  


Zorya is a professional engineer (P.Eng) graduating with distinction from the University of Alberta. She also holds a Management Essentials Program certificate from the Alberta School of Business. After over a decade in the engineering profession, Zorya transitioned in 2017 to focus full-time on real estate acquisitions and asset management.  


As a mom of 2 young kids, she enjoys inspiring and helping other women to invest in real estate to create a balanced and fulfilled life. She leads the Edmonton InvestHER Meetup Chapter and co-hosts the MultifamilyHER show.  




Nick Skalkos is a platinum recording artist turned real estate investor.

Before co-founding NSE Real Estate, he spearheaded a successful music career and has toured the world, playing and recording with some of rock’s hottest acts. He most recently penned the theme song for Scott MacGillivray's hit HGTV show 'Vacation House Rules’.

In 2016, Nick began immersing himself in real estate education and mentorship. He learned how to leverage other people’s money to execute BRRRR’s in Southern Ontario. It wasn’t long before he turned his attention to bringing his investors off-market value-add multifamily JV opportunities in Canada’s east coast.

Today, Nick has over 10M in Assets Under Management and has amassed over 98 doors spanning four provinces. Nick is now a prominent figure in many real estate communities and is redirecting his focus to the U.S. in search of fantastic value-add multifamily properties.

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Carleen Su has been an active real estate investor for over 20 years.  She has transacted over $20M in real estate with a portfolio that includes both single family homes and small multifamily.   

Over the last 3 years, she has focused on new construction in the Alberta market, developing infills and townhouses projects. 

Her professional background in financial evaluations and project management allows her to confidently identify the opportunities and execute them through the acquisition, planning, renovation/development and the asset management phase.  Together with her degree in marketing she brings a range of skills to the GP team. 

As a hands-on mother of three, she believes in teaching children early on the financial skills necessary to navigate life successfully and real estate is a big part of that. 

When she’s not working on real estate deals, she loves to spend her time in the mountains, enjoying an intense hike and then a good meal with friends and family afterwards!




Alek Timcisin was born and raised on a farm in Bosnia. He lived there until he was 18, and due to the civil war in his home country, he had to leave everything behind and escape. He left his country, made is way to Germany, and at a young age, had to start taking care of himself. Two years later Alek decided to relocate to Ontario, Canada where he married his childhood sweetheart, and started his family at the age of 20.

Three years later purchased his first home, and five years later purchased his first 2 rental properties. He quickly learned of all the good, and the maybe not so good that comes with Real Estate investing.

Alek wears many hats: he has led many multi million dollar projects in industrial automation, tried a plethora of business ventures, and helped people along the way. The one thing that always stayed with him was his love for Real Estate investments.

Currently Alek and his team are actively working on acquiring multifamily properties throughout the southern US and helping Canadian investors.